First day

I moved into my dorm room yesterday.  It’s pretty amazing, I mean my actual building is not the best, but I’m staying in basically a mini city filled with old buildings and a huge park.  It’s beautiful.  I also started school today, and I’m so excited. I can already tell that I’m going to learn a lot.  I was kind of worried when I took my placement test because the woman who gave it to me made it seem like the class I was entering was too easy since I’ve taken french classes before.  Thankfully almost everyone else in the class was at basically the same level as me, and after one day I already feel much more confident with my french.  Since it rained today, no pictures, sorry…but I’m definitely going to do a full tour of the area I’m living in tomorrow and post many pictures after.

Au Revoir!

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1 Response to First day

  1. Chris Broad says:

    Hi, Stephanie. Glad you’re settle in and enjoying class. Could you please send us your address so Katie & I can see where you are? We were in Paris last month so we actually can relate to your long walk from the Arc to the Eiffel Tower.

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