Yesterday me and Jonas went to the Luxembourg gardens.  It was phenomenal.  The only thing I didn’t love so much was the fact that there was not that much grass.  I suppose I was expecting more of a park feel, but I should have realized otherwise since it’s such a tourist spot.  There was one designated area for people to sit on the grass, and besides that just benches and chairs.  That being said I had a really wonderful time.  There was a fountain right in front of the Luxembourg palace that had adorable little ducks swimming in it.  All in all, I definitely want to go back, the grassy area for people was so relaxing after walking around the gardens.  Maybe a little too relaxing, because Jonas fell asleep, hahaha.  Since he was asleep I had to entertain myself, which happened easily because I am definitely a people watcher and I was surrounded by people.

After a long day of walking I spotted a Starbucks from across the street.  I decided, hey, I would love an iced Chai right about now and went for it.  I am just going to give this advice to anyone traveling out of the U.S., never buy Starbucks in a different country.  The prices were outrageous.  I didn’t end up buying it so I couldn’t say if the quality is as good as back home, but I can say that you would never want to find out.  It cost upwards of 4,50 euros, which is ridiculous even for them.

Au Revoir!

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1 Response to Luxembourg

  1. jacobo yohnson says:

    awesome awesome!! That building is rad and all the colors from the flowers are beautiful!! great scenery for relaxing, cruisin around and people watchin. haha i like that one guy pointin at the the ground in the shot of the main building with the the crazy statues, hahaha! So much cool old timey architecture! ah lookin forward to more of these b-logs.

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