It’s probably best to listen to people with experience.

So, last week it basically rained every single day.  I, of course, did not pack for rain even though my father told me specifically to make sure I’m ready for any kind of weather.  He insisted I bring an umbrella and a heavier jacket, but I was all “it’s summer!” and did not pack accordingly.  Since I definitely hate umbrellas and would not use one even if I had one, I’m not too upset about that or getting wet…but man was it cold.  I really should have brought a jacket that had a functioning zipper.  And even since I’ve been here I’ve been pretty against getting a jacket or sweater because I knew the second I did the sun would come out and it would stop raining.  Which is exactly what happened.  I finally gave in and bought a heavier shirt, and the next day sure enough there was sunlight.  So there you go, always listen to those with experience, it might just help every once in a while.

Since I haven’t been keeping you up to date with all my fabulous outings I’m just going to give you some bullet points.  At some point last week I did one of those touristy boat tours, which is something I definitely recommend to anyone going to Paris.  There was a tour guide who gave us fun facts about everything as we passed it.  The only thing that wasn’t that great was that we took the tour at 11 pm, so taking pictures was slightly impossible.  With no flash my pictures came out blurry and with flash I felt like a huge a**hole, pardon my language.  It was definitely a buzz kill blinding a bunch of strangers, so I had to be content with just taking in my surroundings, which is very hard for me since I am trigger happy.  I would love to take another tour and go during the day instead so I could get some decent shots.

The only slightly acceptable photo I got from the tour, and yes...I realize it's blurry, haha, but oh well.

After the tour we saw a sign along the Seine that said there was a beach about 50 feet away from us. Yes, a beach! I definitely had to see it.  And let me tell you, definitely not a beach.  It’s a glorified sand box.  It was definitely disappointing, but I guess it would be pretty amazing if I was a ten year old with nothing to do and was stuck walking around with my parents going into a bunch of museums all day long.

Unfortunate "beach" along the Seine.

Last Sunday I went to the Louvre with two classmates of mine.  When we realized that it was raining so hard we thought we should take advantage of the fact that most people would probably be staying home.  I’m glad we did because I passed it on Wednesday and the line was insane.  There is no way I would be able to wait that long to enter, especially because inside the museum is so crowded.

We just wanted to go inside to see the Mona Lisa and some other big pieces, and the sculptures.  There was no way we would be able to see everything because according to my tour guide on the boat, if you looked at each piece of work for three seconds it would take you two months to see the whole museum.  And that is definitely not happening.  My favorite part was definitely the sculptures, it was the calmest part of the museum with the least amount of tourists.

It was also really cool because there were a bunch of people sitting around drawing the sculptures.

While the Louvre was amazing, and everything was beautiful, it really had too many people.  One of my friends was saying that they should have a maximum number of people that they let in, which I completely agree with.  It’s hard to enjoy things when there are a million people everywhere walking extremely slowly in front of you or bumping in to you.  Plus everyone is completely crazy about the Mona Lisa.  I mean, yes, I wanted to see it.  Obviously, I’m in the Louvre how can I not…but it is not that great of a painting. There are other works of art that are just as good, and possibly more visually pleasing than it.  But people were literally causing a riot over it.  There was a huge crowd in front of it, along with security guards.  Which is actually kind of funny if you think about it.

Yes, this is the ridiculous crowd in front of the Mona Lisa.

I didn’t actually get up close to get a picture because, well I’m just not that into it.  I’d rather see it from afar than push and shove a bunch of people to take a picture of something I can easily google image search.  Oh, and sorry about the quality of the photo, but flash was a no-no in the museum, and even though some other people decided to defy the rules I decided to observe them and got kinda bad photos because of it.

Well, it’s definitely bedtime, so even though I have more to share, it will have to wait.

Au Revoir!

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4 Responses to It’s probably best to listen to people with experience.

  1. Coco says:

    I spent last summer in Paris. I did the same thing. We did the boat ride during the day which was great. But we did it the first day, so we were all jet lagged and EVERYONE kept falling asleep on the boat.

    Also, not surprised by the crowd around Mona Lisa. It’s ridiculous!

    I’m so jealous. I wanna be back there!

  2. James Broad says:

    Sorry about your discomfort with the weather. My chapter 5 says dress in layers, and never go without an umbrella. Of course you could have bought one. I did that on my last trip to Paris. I figured it wouldn’t rain in December but I was wrong.

    As for taking photos in low light see chapter 12 of Set your ISO at 1600 for night shots and for shots inside buildings. They come out a bit grainy but you get the image. A little bit of Photoshop helps them out. See the example of the London bar scene in chapter 12.

    Signing off from the Cafe Milano WiFi. I cut Earthlink and am out of ISP until AT+T installs my new service on the 30th.

    Have fun. I guess I don’t need to say that!

  3. rachel says:

    LOVE the beach. gangsta shit. and damn i didn’t know that the mona lisa was THAT big of a deal. i mean yeah it’s cool cause it’s the mona lisa. but geesss….you can see it from afar just as much as up close.

    love you. miss you.

  4. jacobo yohnson says:

    So many beautiful sights you have been witnessing! Kinda lame but it’s funny that I only recognize some of them from a street racing video game…. The architecture is so intricate and beautiful ahhh I could stare at all of it for days and never get bored, thank you for your awesome pictures. The mona lisa crowd is a crackup but I guess it’s a touristy thing that most people feel they HAVE TO DO! That’s so intense that there is so much artwork in the Louvre… 3 seconds 2 months?! that’s outrageous, and I guess a testiment to how enormous the world is.
    hahaha I love Stripey McShirterson, gotta be prepared never know when you might spill ketchup on one and need a backup! I wish more people would decorate their houses like the brightly colored ones you discovered, so bright and happy looking. Oh jeez that sandbox beach is depressing, reminds me of something you’d see in a museum. “here we have an example of what life was like for farmers in the 1800’s notice the cotton gin and buckets for collecting milk… now onto our next exhibit an example of a beach in the early two thousands” Well I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to hear about your adventures via this blog, hopefully the rain left and took it’s bad attitude with it.

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