So, today is my last day in Paris, and unfortunately I still am not up to date, but my next stop is my aunt’s house in Italy, and I’m sure I’ll have time while I’m there to finish telling you about my trip.  Since my wondrous iPhoto separates my photos by date for me, I’ll be able to use the pictures to jog my memory, except for one instance that I have to talk about before I leave my room in the cité universitaire because there are no pictures of it and I’m terrified of forgetting.

The metro system here, is how I assume any metro system is, you swipe your pass or insert your ticket to gain access to the overall system.  Once you’re in you can transfer and get on any metro without having to have another ticket.  People (teenagers mostly) take advantage of the fact that the people at the information desk leave around five or six, and instead of paying to pass through the turnstiles one person pays or uses their pass and the second person goes in behind them, so it’s basically getting a two for one.  This is an extremely normal thing, and you see people doing it all the time.  But while it is normal, it is obviously not something authority figures love; everyone is supposed to pay.  I got on the subway the other day and noticed all these people kind of standing around, out of view from the turnstile entrances.  I think nothing of it and keep walking and all of a sudden I hear all this noise and these men go rushing towards this poor asian couple.  They grabbed the guy and were pointing fingers and shaking heads, I didn’t see the whole thing but I think it’s fairly obvious that it was kind of like a speed trap back home, but instead a turnstile trap?  I guess I don’t know what the correct name would be, but point is…follow rules people. It’s only 1.70 for a metro ticket, and it’s a 60 euro fine for doing this (according to one website, so that might not be accurate).

Au Revoir!

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1 Response to Security

  1. James Broad says:

    Until you are six feet under you will not have a last day in Paris.

    Please check your email. I would like some info on the TGV to Milano.

    Love, Papa

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