It’s gonna be legendary.

I finally hopped on the tourist bandwagon last night! Jonas and I went out to dinner and then saw the Arc de Triomphe and la Tour Eiffel. It was absolutely Tour Eiffel

Arc de Triomphe

We walked from from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower and it was absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately I was in black and white mode and it was night time so a lot of my photos came out pretty dark, but don’t worry, I plan on doing that again many times.  By the time we got closer to the Eiffel Tower Jonas informed me that on the hour it lights up and guess what? We got there just in time!  It was very beautiful and lasted for a good five minutes, so if you get there late, it’s a-okay.  

We continued walking when the show was over and ended up at Trocadéro to take more pictures of the Eiffel Tower and when we got there we found a group of men playing drums and singing.  It was very rhythmic and tribal, and definitely was the best part of the night for me.  I danced (of course), but Jonas was being silly and chose not to.  There were so many people dancing and joining in on the beat by clapping and chanting with the performers.  I really enjoyed myself.  

Finally it was very late and we needed to catch the subway before they stopped running.  We passed a Spanish man dancing with fire on the way to the subway stop, but we got there just as he was finishing, which is probably a good thing because we just barely caught one of the last metros and could easily have missed it.

Jonas and me walking around town.

Au Revoir!

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Ok, so…first blog ever. I’m in Paris! But although I am here, I have yet to do any touristy things, I feel like I need to adjust and and let it sink in first.  The reason for my visit is to learn the language and just have an amazing time in a new place, even though that may seem fairly obvious.  I start school on Monday at the Alliance Francaise, and I move into the dorm I’ll be staying at on Sunday.  I feel like once I move in and hop on a few more metros I’ll be ready to get my tourist on and post some wonderful pictures to show the world.  Currently I’m staying with my mother’s friend’s son’s girlfriend’s brother, which sounds ridiculous, but I’m extremely grateful for it.  His name is Jonas and thankfully he speaks English very well.  He’s helping me transition and is doing an excellent job!  So since I have eaten only eaten bread today I’m off to the nearest subway (the food joint, not the transportation system) to get my dose of America.

Au Revoir!

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